About Us

SIB-Netherlands was founded in 1948 as an association for a federal world government. Over the years it has engaged its members and the general public on the topic of international cooperation. SIB consists of local chapters of which there currently are four, in different cities across the country. Previously, other SIB students associations existed, such as SIB-Nijmegen. If you are interested in (re-)founding a local chapter, we welcome you to take up contact with us. 

The various SIB associations all combine intellectual activities with more relaxed and social ones. That means that as a member of SIB, you will get to discover a bit more about the world, have a nice conversation over drinks and enjoy the company of your fellow members. If you are a student living in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden or Utrecht, please do not hesitate to take up contact with the local association and become a member today!

SIB Amsterdam

SIB Amsterdam is the Dutch United Nations Student Association in Amsterdam, a professional student organization officially affiliated with the UN. We are the home for all students based in Amsterdam that are enthusiastic about international relations and geopolitics and want to share their passion with fellow students. We generally organize two types of activities. On one hand, we organize intellectual activities, which include among other things lectures on various IR-related topics, workshops for personal development, and networking events with professionals from the field such as diplomats or journalists. On the other hand, we also organize social events during which our members have a chance to get to know each other, such as weekly drinks, international trips, and game nights. SIB is an inclusive organization that is open to both Dutch and international students with a variety of different (academic) backgrounds and is one of the only fully-English student organizations in Amsterdam. We also firmly believe that this student association should be an extension to your student life, and therefore impose no mandatory rules on our members at all. This makes SIB Amsterdam a perfect place for our members to further develop their social as well as their professional skills and network, which both can prove to be beneficial for their future. But also, of course, it is a lot of fun!

Activities SIB Amsterdam

SIB Utrecht

SIB-Utrecht is the association where students can get the most out of their student life. SIB members are from different areas of study and are widely interested, meaning there is ample space for interesting conversations!

Characteristic of SIB is the unique combination of intellectual and social activities. We organize an intellectual evening every Tuesday, which takes place in the shape of talks, workshops, or intellectual excursions. The topics vary weekly and touch upon international relations and societal subjects. 

Next to our intellectual side, there are weekly social events, organized by a wide variety of committees and societies. Among the social events are parties, game nights, and food-related activities. 

Because of this unique combination, a member of SIB-Utrecht will learn the best parts of our city and student life, and is able to develop both personal and intellectual aspects.

Activities SIB Utrecht

SIB Groningen

SIB-Groningen is with its over 400 members not only the largest, but also the most international chapter of the SIB. The four pillars of SIB-Groningen are Think, Socialise, Organise, Travel; and that is exactly what we offer. THINK! Every Monday we organize intellectual events, for example lectures or symposia, that deal with a variety of international topics, such as politics, environmental issues, human rights and law. Once a year, we also organize the Dies Natalis conference in celebration of the SIB’s birthday. SOCIALISE! After every lecture we have drinks or a theme party, which often last late into the night. Besides that, we have many social events that are to a large extent organized by our members. ORGANISE! With our many committees and Project Groups we provide the perfect opportunity for students to get active, get involved and find a balance in their studies. Our members get the chance to organize a large variety of events, including the KEI-week, the big SIB trip, lectures and parties. TRAVEL! We travel several times throughout the year, ranging from our 10-day trip, to a smaller career trip in Europe and our Hitchhiking competition. Sound good? Kom hangen!

Activities SIB Groningen

SIB Leiden

SIB brings the world to you and you through the world.

For 75 years, SIB-Leiden has been the association that shows the students from Leiden the world and brings the world to the student. Of course, you do drinks every week and make fantastic friends for life. But SIB goes further than that: for 20 years now, students at SIB have been talking to diplomats from more than 60 countries at the famous Japanese Table Evening. SIB also travels to special destinations every year to visit exclusive places: the Dutch embassy in Moscow, the United Nations in New York, peace organizations in Jerusalem or Heineken in Singapore, to name but a few.

Activities SIB Leiden