SIB Nederland

The foundation SIB-Netherlands, or: Dutch United Nations Students Associations (DUNSA-NL), is the national cooperation platform of the various SIB student associations in cities throughout the Netherlands. 

SIB-Netherlands organises activities for all members of the SIB associations, such as a yearly gala, a series of seminars, drinks, or a debate in a Model United Nations simulation. In addition, SIB-Netherlands is a platform to exchange knowledge and know-how between the affiliated cities. Finally, various external contacts are maintained through SIB-Netherlands, such as sponsorship partners and partners in collaborative events.

If you are looking to reach internationally minded students in the Netherlands, we warmly encourage you to contact us. We are open to collaborating on event organisation and in sponsorship. We also welcome other proposals and are very interested in discussing potential collaborative options.

SIB Groningen

SIB Utrecht

SIB Leiden

SIB Amsterdam

We have multiple partners throughout the Netherlands and worldwide, partners we are proud of. Are you curious who they are?

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